Our Story

Gotham Goods is setting a new standard in CBD. We are paving the way to make naturally occurring cannabinoids accessible without compromising quality. Proudly female owned and operated.

A note from our founder

"When I jumped into the cannabis world, I had a vision. Why I had to do it all at once is a good question, but I couldn't help myself. The ultimate dream is to have three dispensaries that carry cannabis, cannadjacent products, cool merch, a delivery business, and a line of Gotham products sold in-store and online.

When we began to work on the branding of Gotham, we extended that directly into the products that became Gotham Goods. I wanted to get them in the store when we opened. We got there, which is a feat.

Gotham Goods is for the cool, smart, hip, sophisticated, urban-thinking person who likes to feel good, believes in the power of the plant, loves good scents, and wants color in their life.

Our product lines come in four distinct fragrances (including a neutral scent) and have names that were inspired by where they came from, the Bowery. The current scents are My Sweet Jane, Because of the Night, A Thousand Kisses, and Lo-Fidelity. Our scents are really special and we will continue to bring on new ones that connect with our brand."

- Joanne Wilson